What Is The Average Cost To Build A Home In The Burlington and Oakville Area?


The cost to build a home varies depending size and level of finishes.  A GTA contractor will typically charge between $100 to $150 per square foot with hard costs that range from $70 to $115. For a custom home, prices can increase to a range from $200 to $300 per square foot. A high-end custom home with a plethora of features could cost $400 per square foot and up.

It’s not uncommon for a Toronto custom home to run in the $200 to $250 square foot range.

PRASADA Custom Homes typically builds a custom home for about $200 per square foot.


As You Can See Custom Home Projects Can Run Hundreds Of Dollars Per Square Foot

When you build a home from scratch, it gives you the ability to add features and options you’d like to have. You don’t have to worry about making expensive changes to a home so that it meets your needs and desires.

On top of that, a custom home ensures a contractor will give you his/her undivided attention. They’ll look to make sure there are no problems that could arise when moving into a new custom home built for you.


The cost to build a home is dependent upon the area you’ll be building in and the features that you incorporate. Think of a house like a car – a compact car is going to cost less than a high-end foreign sports car.


How The Housing Market Comes Up With A Custom Build Cost


The housing market uses the “price per square foot” estimate to dictate the cost of constructing a custom home. For instance, a 3,500 square foot home will cost $700,000 with a cost of $200 per square foot. The land the home is being built on isn’t added to this price. The costs do include the following:

  • Designer fees
  • Building permits
  • Architectural fees
  • Construction-related costs


There are two types of costs associated with the industry – soft costs and hard costs. What’s the difference between the two costs?


  • Hard Costs – These entail fixed costs like trade contracts that don’t change unless something is added to it. The contractor’s cost to build a home is set before the work commences. For instance, a framer charges $10,000 to do work. This is a hard cost.
  • Soft Costs – These entail indirect costs such as financing, insurance, Realestate fees, etc.


Every contractor should have a Hard and Soft Costs list on hand for your custom home.


For a complete budget and breakdown of how much it cost to build a home in Oakville, Burlington give us a call today.  905-845-4034



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